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   "I can't even BEGIN to say how grateful I am for these guys!!!!"
Kathy C    "I needed a few things fixed and was going to have to wait MONTHS AND MONTHS and take my camper all the way up to Riverside to get fixed!!! BOOOO!!! But my man Dave at Ricks RV HOOKED. IT. UP.!!!!! Our camper was not only fixed and ready to ROLL in 5 FREAKING DAYS, it also was SO CHEAP and they did the best job EVER. We'll be taking our campers there for the rest of our lives and I owe Dave like a thousand free haircuts. LOL, THANKS GUYS!!!!! I never ever leave reviews for places, these guys are the bomb and you HAVE to take you RV there. They're awesome:)"
Rate Your Experience:        25-Aug-2018
   "They were fantastic and so very helpful!"
Kris K    "We drove all the way from North Carolina to pick up our car that had been stored in San Diego for 3 years while we were stationed overseas. Upon getting to San Diego, We went to UHaul to get an auto transport. Their trailer lights weren't working with our truck. They weren't going to let us haul the trailer. They referred us to Pepboys to check the issue and they said they didn't work on electric issues. Another car shop referred us to Ricks. We went and they immediately put it on the tester and showed our system was just fine and it was uhauls equipment issue. Went back to uhaul, who argued insistently that it was our truck and not their trailers. Went back to Ricks once again, pretty irritated and scared that we drove 2500 miles and wasn't even going to get our car. Ricks went to work retesting, showing me everything was good, and figuring that the trailer was causing ground issues. Showed us a fix to do if we continue to have problems with the trailer, and sent us out again. Their fix worked and we got the trailer and car! If it wasn't for them, we would have drove 5000 miles total, all for nothing. We owe them so much more than just thank you! They were fantastic and so very helpful!"
Rate Your Experience:        18-Jul-2018
   "Ricks RV Center saved my RV!"
Eric C    "Ricks RV Center saved my RV!
I purchased a 2015 THOR ACE 29.2 two years ago. In that time, the sun destroyed my gelcoat/fiberglass. It was so bad that I was truly embarrassed to drive the vehicle. I tried to scrub it out myself but it was far too deep into the coating. I started looking into full body wraps for the RV but those were $8000 and would eventually get destroyed as well. Then I searched the internet for someone to come out and detail my coach. Most all of them, after seeing the coach, said there was nothing they could do. I finally turned to Ricks RV. The guys at Ricks RV, one in particular, did an amazing job! Im sad to say that i don't remember the technicians name but his attention to detail was second to none. He and his crew spent days/weeks working on my 30 foot RV. When one method didn't work, they called THOR and asked how to better remove this oxidation. They tried a second time with another buffing solution and then a third time, at no additional charge to me, to remove the oxidation. When I went to the service bay and saw my RV for the first time... I was blown away. I never expected them to make it look BRAND NEW! Said and done, I believe I paid $600-700 but when you invest $115,000 into a coach, that money was well spent. I will definitely bring my RV back to them in 6 months for a simple wash and buff. Preventive maintenance is a must if you are unfortunate enough to own a coach with the colored fiberglass. Since then, I have purchased a RV cover, which is a pain in the butt to put on. However, well worth protecting my investment. Thank you Ricks RV Center and the unnamed tech that did all the work! Your amazing and yes, you just performed an absolute miracle on my RV! I would highly recommend trusting Ricks RV for any of your RV needs!"
Rate Your Experience:        22-Jun-2018
   "Highly recommend doing business with Rick's RV"
Ian C    "Highly recommend doing business with Rick's RV.

Erick has been great to work with. I needed to add a tow package and brake controller to my vehicle, and he made it very smooth and came in under the estimated cost."
Rate Your Experience:        14-Jun-2018
   "These guys really care about their customers and I will never go anywhere else"
Kelly B    "These guys are the best! I took my Excursion into a locksmith because my keyless entry was no longer working. When I got my car back the air shocks were no longer working. I was told it was a coincidence and it had nothing to do with any repairs the locksmith had done. A friend recommended I take it to Rick's RV to see if they could help. The service manager Erick was awesome and had my car looked at right away. The technician, Clem, took a few minutes and knew right what the problem was. He reconnected the wires that the locksmith had mistakenly cut and explained everything as he went. I'm a single woman and cars are not my forte so I really appreciated the time these guys took. Now my air shocks are working great and they didn't even charge me for their time. These guys really care about their customers and I will never go anywhere else. Thank you so much guys!"
Rate Your Experience:        10-May-2018
   "Awesome place to get all your RV supplies and services!"
showstopper wax    "Awesome place to get all your RV supplies and services!"
Rate Your Experience:        12-Apr-2018

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