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A Few RVing Tips for the Road

RSVP! BOOK AHEAD - In many locations through out our beautiful country you can easily find an RV park or campground spot as you go. Don’t expect this to be the case in California, we know you are excited to have that wonderful beach view site, so BOOK AHEAD

ARRIVE A COUPLE HOURS BEFORE DARK - It is so much easier to get backed in, leveled, and setup in the light of day. Not to mention how relaxing it is to be sitting back and enjoying the beautiful sunset view. We understand it is not always possible, but give it your best shot to arrive early.

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR - Respect the campground rules, keep your music at a volume that does not disturb the campers around you, and don’t walk through the neighbors campsites. Just following these few steps will make your stay a lot more fun with no stress from your neighbors.

BE AWARE THAT YOUR GENERATOR CREATES NOISE & FUMES - It is sometimes necessary to run a generator but staying aware of how often, how long, and what time of day you are using it will help keep the peace with surrounding campers. Middle of the day when everyone is out enjoying the activities in the area is a good time to run your generator. Most generators are fine to be turned on for a few hours while you are away too, which make your time in your campsite more enjoyable too.

EMPTY YOUR TANKS BEFORE YOUR DRIVE - Extra pounds equals reduced MPG! An easy way to save some money at the pumps is to empty your black & gray tank before you pull out. For the same reason, you can also reduce the amount of fresh water in your tank to what you will need before your next destination that has water supply.


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