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Boat Owners Wanted!

We love our boats! Yes, many of the team at Rick’s RV Center in San Diego, CA are boaters too! So we have a special interest in helping our fellow boaters be sure their boat trailer is in good repair and ready to haul that boat to it’s next fun day on the water!

Our primary attention on each Boat Trailer we maintain, repair, or restore is Safety. This includes tires, brakes, bearings, hitches, floors, and dividers. Safety for the Trailer and for the Traveler is paramount. We can service, repair and restore your Boat Trailer, no matter what it needs.

Quality and long-lasting are the important aspects you want to consider when it comes to selecting the right tow setup for your Trailer. The team at Rick's RV Center provide expert advice and installation, insuring you will enjoy miles of safe and easy towing.

Need a paint job on that trailer? We are more than just an RV shop, we paint trailers too!

Give Rick's RV Center a call and we'll get you rolling down the road toward that next body of water!

Call Us: 855-388-8616


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