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Choosing the Right Hitch and Tow Setup for Your Use

Unfortunately we have customers come to us after they have had a situation that caused them fear and concern over their towing safety.

There are more types and brands of hitches today than ever before, and the team at Rick’s RV Center in San Diego, CA enjoy helping a customer determine their needs and choosing the right hitch and tow setup for their planned use.

Key Terms related to Hitch Classes:

Hitches are divided into classes, and each class has a maximum TW (Tongue Weight) and a maximum GTW (Gross Trailer Weight). Other important terms are GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and GCWR (Gross Combination Weight Rating) which is the weight of the loaded tow vehicle and the loaded trailer.

Hitch Types:

Trailer Types:

  • Dump Trailers

  • Boat Trailers

  • Utility Trailers

  • Landscape Trailers

  • Motorcycle Trailers

  • Car Trailers

  • Equipment Trailers

  • Enclosed Trailers

  • Cargo Trailers

  • Open Trailers

  • Watercraft Trailers

  • Horse Trailers

  • Concession Trailers

  • Vending Trailers

  • Snowmobile Trailers

  • Tow DolliesTravel Trailers

In addition to the different types of Hitches it is important that you clearly define your planned use for the hitch; review your vehicle owners manual for it’s towing capacities; and then review this information with a Hitch & Tow expert. The experienced team at Rick’s RV Center El Cajon, CA will help you understand the different types of hitches, quality of various hitch manufacturers, as well as providing expert installation to insure you will enjoy miles of safe and easy towing. Give Rick’s RV Center a call and we’ll “hook you up” and get you rolling down the road!

Need Parts for your trailer? Rick’s RV Center El Cajon, CA offers one of the largest trailer & hitch parts and supplies inventory in San Diego! And if we don’t have what you need we will gladly order it for you.

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