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Good Ideas for RV Travel with Pets

At Rick's RV Center we Love our Pets! So we enjoy hearing our customers stories about their pets activities during their RV adventures... and we've heard some pretty fun stories!

From our own RV travels with pets as well as from hearing our customers stories we know a lot about Good Ideas for RV Traveling with Pets.

  • Pack for your Pets just like you pack for yourself. One of our customers shared with us that the first time they took their dog they got all packed up and climbed in and headed out. Got to the first stop and realized they didn't pack any of their dogs needs like Food & Food bowl; Water Dish; Leashes; Dog Shampoo (yes shampoo... trust us you don't want a stinky dirty dog in your RV) and most important any medications your dog may need.

  • Buckle Up You & Your Pet. You may be tempted to hold your pet on your lap or let it roam around while you are driving down the road. Please don't! Protect your pet and yourself by using a pet carrier that can be strapped in place just like you are with your seatbelt.

  • Plan ahead for Pet Friendly Sites, Activities, and Restaurants. While it is true that most RV parks and campgrounds do at least have a "pet friendly" section, not all do. And some only have a few sites that accommodate pets. So be sure your favorite place will be glad to have your pet join you before you make the reservations.

  • Open your Door with Caution. Cats and Dogs can get nervous during travel and the minute they see that door open a crack they bolt out and you can easily find yourself chasing them all over the gas station or rest area or wherever you stopped. Not fun! It's easiest to keep them in their secured carrier until you are done with your reason for stopping, then leash them, then take them out of the carrier and out the door for their exercise and break.

  • Be considerate of your neighboring campers. Just because you love your pet and you love RV Travels with your pet does not mean your neighbors do. In many cases they have chosen not to travel with pets so they aren't bothered with the activity and barking etc that pets create. So respect that and keep your pet in your space and well behaved.

  • Be sure your Air Conditioning and Generator (unless you will always have electric hookups) are in tip top working condition. Temperatures inside an RV can spike dramatically putting your pets health at risk. We are often asked if it is OK to leave the pet inside the RV with the generator and Air Conditioner running. Yes for short periods of time. We do not recommend you leave your pet unattended in your RV for more than a couple hours. It is too easy for an A/C unit or generator to fail, leaving your pet in a bad situation.

Make an appointment with our experienced professional RV technicians at Rick's RV Centers (855) 388-8616 and be sure your Air Conditioning and Generator are in Top Working Condition before you leave for your next RV Trip with Your Pets.


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