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How to Handle an RV Collision

Many people have experienced automobile collisions on the road, but recreational vehicles (RVs) get into accidents, too! When an RV collision occurs, it often must be handled differently than a standard automobile accident—not just in dealing with insurance, but also in choosing an auto body shop qualified to perform repairs. Motorhomes, boats, trailers and other recreational vehicles all have unique designs, and you want to be sure the body work is done right.

If your recreational vehicle is involved in an accident, the following guide should help you navigate the path to quality repairs.

  • Get a police report: This is especially important if your RV collision involves another vehicle, because the police report helps eliminate the dispute factor with regard to fault and insurance liability. Even if the collision seems to be minor, call the police and don’t leave the scene until they arrive.

  • Document everything: This is where a camera phone comes in handy. Take pictures of the damage to your RV from multiple angles. Get a copy of the police report, and make sure you exchange insurance information with other parties involved.

  • Contact the insurance company: While insurance might not be required on certain recreational vehicles in the State of Oregon (boat insurance is optional, for example), it’s still a good idea to carry insurance on any vehicle you own; otherwise, if the damage is your fault, you will have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs. Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible, and provide them with all documentation. If the collision involves another vehicle and the other party is at fault, contact their insurance company as well.

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