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In-Motion RV Satellite TV Systems

If you travel in an RV and haven’t looked into In-Motion RV Satellite TV Systems, give the Tech Team at Rick’s RV a call.

They will talk with you about your options for an In-Motion RV Satellite TV systems that provide satellite signal connections while you are driving down the road, so your family & friends onboard can enjoy their favorite TV shows anytime. The systems access Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) giving you the fastest results and have compatible connections with all satellite networks like DISH and DIRECTV.

Do you have a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) like TIVO at home, well now you can use one with your RV Satellite TV System so you can record your favorite shows and watch them when you arrive at your campsite.

Your options for enjoying TV viewing while RV traveling are unlimited. Give the Tech Team at Rick’s RV Center in El Cajon, CA a call and let’s explore the system that best fits your travel plans.


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