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Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat RV Tips

When the temperature is a pleasant 80 degrees outside with a nice breeze it can easily be an uncomfortably hot 90 plus degrees inside your RV. This can quickly turn an enjoyable family vacation into a less than fun time. Here are some tips that will help you Keep Cool in the Summer Heat:

WHEN YOU MAKE THE RSVP OR WHEN YOU CHECK IN: Many campgrounds and RV parks have some sites with shade. You may not think about shade when you make your rsvp in February for a July trip, so remember staying cool starts when you make the reservation. If the campground site map does not provide information on which sites offer some shade, call and ask and try to rsvp a site that offers shade. And if you are stopping into a campground without an rsvp ask if they have any sites that offer some shade, they will usually try to accommodate your request.

CONSIDER THE SUN WHEN YOU PARK: When you arrive at your site if it allows you options on where to park, take a few minutes and walk around the site to consider where the afternoon sun will be most intense and also the direction of any wind. If possible park with the afternoon sun on the side of your RV with the least windows. Keep in mind that your refrigerator is also best on the shady side in the afternoons. Try to take best advantage of the combination of the natural shade of the trees and your awnings. And also try to take advantage of any breeze blowing on the larger windows and doors.

BLOCK OUT THE SUN: There are several types of interior window treatments that can help manage sun and heat ranging from solar material or light and heat blocking materials, or there are inexpensive materials such as Reflectix insulation (silver coated bubble pack) that can be cut to size and placed in your windows. These all also help you keep your RV warm in cold weather.

AWNINGS: Many families travel in the RV in the Summer when their children are out of school. If your RV travel plans are usually to warm weather locations you will be glad you have Awnings, so it is a good upgrade to add them. RV awnings greatly reduce the inside temp as they keep the sun off the side of the RV as well as off the windows.

ROOF VENT FANS & VENT COVERS: Most RV’s come with a Roof Vent. Adding a cover to the Roof Vent allows you to keep it open during rain and wind and when you are driving. And upgrading to a 12 volt Roof Vent Fan is a lower cost upgrade and is great at either pulling the hot air out or pulling the cool air in. You will be glad to have a fan on, pulling the hot air out during the heat of the day.

ANOTHER GOOD TIP: When the sun has set and the temps are lower open your cabinet doors to let the trapped hot air out and cooler air in, this will help your entire RV cool down faster providing a lower night time temp.

IF YOU HAVE A/C: Be sure you have it serviced regularly, and have clean or new filters each season and keep the doors, windows, and vents closed.

COOK OUTSIDE as much as possible and enjoy the trip and Keep It Cool!


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