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No Matter What Type of RV you have, Do a Safety Inspection before you head out

Exploring the great outdoors in an RV can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, like any mode of transportation, it's important that you prioritize safety while on the road. As an RV owner, there are several key aspects of your vehicle that need to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure your RV travel is safe and an enjoyable adventure!

No matter how you roll down the road... Motorhome, Fifth Wheel Trailer, Travel Trailer or others... There are high priority safety items to check and keep in good repair!

Electrical Connections



Weight Distribution

Hitch Connections

Keeping your RV in good repair is essential for enjoying your travels without any issues. Inspecting your RV before each outing is critical for you to be able to hit the road with confidence and take advantage of all the excitement and adventure that RV travel has to offer.

Let the experienced professionals at Rick's RV Center inspect your RV before hitting the road, to ensure that everything is connected and working properly. Need a wash, wax, and detail on your RV? We do that too!

Give us a call to schedule: 855-388-8616


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