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The Best way to prevent RV Water Damage is Prevention

Water damage creates more problems in RV's then almost any other cause. And it is even more challenging because there are many different causes of water damage in an RV. It's not only about rainy weather!

Untreated RV water leaks can result in very expensive repairs! Here's a list of the most common RV water damage causes, and things you should check routinely to catch any damage early!

How Water Damage happens to an RV

  • Seals on Windows & Slides

  • Plumbing System Pipe Leaks

  • High Humidity

  • Leaky Toilet

  • Sealant deterioration

  • Water Heater Leak

How to Check Your RV for Water Damage - Look closely!

  • Open Every Cabinet and Closet and look for damage & Smell for mold/mildew

  • Look for discoloration/water stains on ceiling, walls, flooring, and cabinets