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Rodent Infestations Damage

2018 ~ Worst Year We Have Seen For Rodent Infestations!

The Management at Rick's RV Center have been surprised to see a substantial increase in the  number of RV's coming in for repairs caused by Rodent Infestations.

We have seen some instances this year where the damage was so substantial that the insurance company decided to total the RV rather than repair it! And unfortunately, some insurance policies have clauses that exclude covering Rodent damage! Be sure to review your RV Insurance Policy!

Here are a few tips and tricks we've heard that can help avoid Rodent Damage:

BLOCK THEIR ENTRANCE: Remember a rodent can fit through a hole smaller than the size of a dime!  Common products to use are:

  • Spray Foam Insulation/Sealant. Cracks around doorways, windows, outside cubbies where wires come through to inside RV, entry spots for pipes, basically any place that has even the smallest gap. A few cans of this spray can save you a lot of headaches.

  • Motion detection solar lighting. The engine compartment is also vulnerable to having parts and wires chewed beyond repair. Having motion sensor lighting on the ground under the engine compartment and other vulnerable areas of the RV that puts out a bright light will often deter night time rodent intrusion.

  • Steel Wool. Rodents will chew threw almost every type of insulation, plastic, even fiberglass; however they will not chew through steel wool. Stuffing every opening you can find with steel wool will help reduce infiltration.

KEEP FOOD, PET FOOD, AND OTHER ATTRACTANTS IN SEALED CONTAINERS. The rodents are searching for food, water, and nests. Keep all attractants in sealed containers to reduce the scent that serves as a draw for infestations.