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RV Battery Care Tips

Depending on the type of battery you buy for your RV you are spending a good amount of money each time you need to replace them. Please use these maintenance tips to extend the life of your battery! it will save you money!

  • Check the water level in the cells every month (does not apoly to maintenance free batteries). Keep a jug of Distilled Water in your coach specifically to use for your batteries. Once each month take the cover off of each battery cell and check that the water level is up at the marked level. Be sure to use gloves and wear safety goggles anytime you are dealing with batteries.

  • Clean away corrosion on or around the battery terminals. Another quick and inexpensive maintenance for batteries is cleaning off the corrosion. Combine baking soda and water to make a very smooth paste, almost glue consistency, and use a wire brush to scrub away any corrosion near the terminals. When you are done pour a small amount of fresh water over the area to rinse away the residue corrosion and baking soda.

  • Disconnect your battery when you are storing your RV. Left connected your battery is under a continual small current draw from things like lights, clocks, even your refrigerator panel uses battery power for it's lights. The combined draw over time will discharge your battery completely which has a substantial impact on the life of your battery.

  • If your RV is stored in temperatures below 32 degrees or above 80 degrees it is recommended that you completely remove the battery and store it somewhere that is within the temperate range of 32 - 80 degrees. Over time batteries that are exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures begin to fail.

Have more questions on RV batteries and power systems? Give the experienced team at Rick's RV Center a call>> 855-388-8616

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