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RV Infotainment Hub

Yes Infotainment is a word, and it's all the buzz in the RV world!

If you Google "What is an RV Infotainment Hub" you'll probably get this result:

Bringing RV-specific navigation, entertainment, optional onboard systems control and camera display capabilities into one package makes it easy to tailor a driving and entertainment experience to each and every driver, no matter their destination.

Or you might find this from Garmin: The premium Garmin RV-IN1501 integrated RV infotainment system features an easy-to-read, edge-to-edge 15” touchscreen display with voice command capabilities that combines RV-specific navigation with high-quality, multizone audio entertainment powered by FUSION. The highly integrated system provides the added convenience of controlling and monitoring all on-board systems such as lighting, water tanks and awnings — all from one centralized display.

Although the Infotainment systems are fairly new on the market, they are quickly gaining favor in the tech savvy RV travel crowd.

Considering an upgrade to your RV GPS, Entertainment System, or maybe you want an Infotainment Systems! Give us a call to talk about the best fit for your travel plans! 855-388-8616


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