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RV Tips to Help Prevent Costly Repairs

Rick’s RV Center is the largest and the longest Family Owned & Operated RV Service & Repair company in Southern California!

We hire the best technicians and are committed to quality customer service. And we really care about our customers, so we always feel bad when a customer comes in with a repair need that could have been prevented which means they are spending their hard earned money when an ounce of prevention could have saved them the costs.

To help you prevent damages that can be prevented we offer the following Tips to Help Avoid Costly Repairs:

Generators Need Consistent Use. Just like any engine, if you leave a generator sit for long periods of non-use you are much more likely to need expensive generator repairs or replacement. Spark plugs, carburetors, filters, and fuel; all can cause problems for your generator if they sit.

  • Common practice is to run your generator at least 2 hours per month under about 50% load.

Love Your Roof ~ Unfortunately RV Roofs are Out Of Site, so Out Of Mind… which can result in very high cost roof repairs or even replacement.

  • Keeping your RV under cover is the best way to protect the roof from the damages of sun, rain, and snow. So if you have the space it is worth considering building a cover over your RV parking area. Not only can having it in covered storage save you costly roof repairs and reduce the risk of water leaks, it can also increase the resale value as the overall condition of the exterior & interior will show less weather related wear and tear.

  • Have your RV rood professionally inspected at least once each year. You should check your RV roof frequently but it is also a great value to have a professional RV Service Center inspect it at least once a year.

  • Whether you do it yourself or have someone do it for you, when you wash your RV be sure to have the roof cleaned at the same time. This is also a great opportunity to check your roof seals and general condition. And keeping the roof clean will help reduce the black streaks that go down the sides of your RV.

Keep the Inside Temperature as Moderate as Possible during storage. We have all seen the results of a car that has consistently had very hot or very cold internal temperatures; cracked dashboards, rotten seals, and fallen headliners are just a few of the results of extreme interior temperatures. Even more so in an RV! During Storage:

  • Cool Off Your RV by opening up vents to allow for air flow, which can greatly reduce interior temperature. Be sure that the vents have covers so you are not exposing the interior to rain leaks.

  • Warm up some areas of your RV by opening cupboard doors to help in the prevention of frozen pipes. Closed off areas can easily be 10-15 degrees colder than the main living area so open cupboard doors can make a big difference.

Inspect your Seals at Doors, Windows, Vents, and Joints. As the saying goes… Time Flies! And if you let too much time fly by without doing a thorough inspection of your RV you are heading to extra expenses to repair and replace… well something!

  • Take the time to do a careful, detailed inspection of every seal on your RV. While it is true that not all bad seal areas can be spotted by looking at it, many can. Look for places where the sealant is worn away, cracked, or maybe it is bubbled.

Our goal at Rick's RV Center is to ensure you stay on the road, and prevent costly repairs when possible.

Have questions or ideas for upgrades or repairs for your RV ~ Give us a Call >> 855-388-8616

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