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Take Good Care of Your RV Roof

Cleaning, inspecting, and sealing your RV Roof is one of the most important preventative maintenance items for any RV. And unfortunately, out of site out of mind is obviously true when it comes to RV Roofs. Don't wait until you have costly damage to improve your RV Roof maintenance efforts!

We suggest you clean the roof yourself, or hire a professional RV technician to clean it for you, at least two times per year. Be sure to read your manufacturers recommendations for products to use to clean and/or reseal your roof.

During cleaning spend the time to closely inspect & reseal where needed:

  • Sealants around all openings

  • Side Seams where roof joins body of RV

  • Any bubbles in the roof surface

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your RV Roof can add years to the life span of the roof and the RV!

At Rick's RV Center we feel so strongly about the importance of Roof Inspections that we offer a FREE inspection. Call to Schedule your Free RV Roof Inspection: 619-440-8616


With RV roof don't forget to take care of RV windshield also, use the top quality glass for your rv windshield. As, high quality glass won't break in easily with hailstones and you won't have to spend bucks on auto glass repair again and again.

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