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Take your Toad with you on your Next RV Journey

What is a Toad or a Dinghy? They are both terms used to describe a vehicle that is towed behind an RV. If your RV travels include longer trips and more miles than a few days, having your vehicle with you comes in very handy. If you've ever had to pack up your RV, securing everything for travel, just to go to the grocery store or go 15 miles away to see a site... you know first hand how having your own vehicle with you makes a big difference in the enjoyment of your travels!

The easiest way to tow a vehicle behind your RV is to Flat tow it with all 4 wheels on the ground. The first step is to choose a vehicle that meets the manufacturer specs for flat towing, and also your RV specs for vehicle weight towing capacity. provides a downloadable dinghy towing guide for each year of vehicles, to help you determine which vehicles are suited for flat towing. According to their 2020 Good Sam Guide to Dinghy Towing:

"The good news is it’s never been easier to equip a dinghy vehicle and motorhome for road duty - you just need to do a little research and preparation. The 2020 Guide to Dinghy Towing is your one-stop resource for determining which new vehicles are manufacturer-approved for flat towing, and also to learn about the equipment and procedures needed to tow four-down"

The professional team of RV technicians at Rick's RV Center in El Cajon, CA have many years of experience installing Flat Tow systems including Towbar and Baseplate installation and Braking Systems.

The SYSTEMS we sell and install include:

Towbar and baseplate

  • Roadmaster

  • Blueox

Braking systems:

  • Stay-n-Play

  • Air Force One

Get your RV ready for your next journey! Call us to schedule your Flat Tow System installation: 855-388-8616


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