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The Benefits of Adding a Solar System to Your RV

Are you considering adding a solar system to your RV? If so, you’re in luck! The cost of solar products have reduced and the quality has improved dramatically over the past few years. This makes adding a solar system to your RV an easy decision for most RV owners. But does every type of traveler benefit from this upgrade? Let’s break it down and find out.

The weekend warrior is the type of traveler who only uses their RV on the occasional weekend or holiday away from home. For these travelers, installing a solar system may not be the best investment because they don’t use their RV often enough to take full advantage of its benefits. Additionally, if they prefer to spend their time at campgrounds with power hookups rather than unplugged in remote locations, then there wouldn’t be much need for them to spend money on extra equipment like an inverter or a battery bank.

Full-time RVers are people who live permanently in an RV and travel around the country as they please. For these travelers, installing a solar system is almost always worth it because they will reap the benefits every day. Not only do they save money on campsite power bills by relying on their own electricity production, but they also benefit from having access to clean energy wherever they go. Plus, many full-time travelers enjoy boondocking (camping without hookups) which requires additional batteries and inverters that can be charged with solar panels during the day so that all essential appliances and devices can still function when night falls.

On the whole, adding a solar system to your RV is almost always worth it for everyone except for those weekend warriors who prefer campground amenities over boondocking in nature's backyard. Not only will it save you money on campsite power bills but it also gives you access to clean energy no matter where you are traveling—that’s something any responsible traveler should appreciate! So whether you’re looking forward to long-term travels or just want some peace of mind while camping away from home, investing in a good quality solar setup can help make life simpler while out on the road!

The professional RV Solar installation team at Rick's RV Center will work with you to help design the right solar system for your use! Call us to schedule: 855-388-8616


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