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Life Span of an RV Battery

If you’ve ever had a battery failure when you are on the road, you know that it causes a very annoying interruption in your trip. Especially because you sit there, with a dead battery that can’t be resurrected, knowing you probably could have prevented it!

The life expectancy of your RV “coach” battery and your Vehicle “chassis/engine” battery is greatly affected by you. These are the things that impact your batteries the most: 

  • What you use them for

  • How you maintain them

  • How/when they’re discharged and re-charged

  • How they are treated when stored

First things first. Be sure you are using the right battery for the type of use you give it:

  • The “chassis/engine” battery is used to start and run the engine and it is a starting battery, which means it requires large currents for short periods of time

  • The “coach” battery is used to supply 12-volts to your RV living areas and are often referred to as house batteries in RV use. The “coach/house” need to be deep cycle batteries because provide steady current over long periods of time.

Note: these two types of batteries, as well as marine batteries, should never be used for the wrong application

Many battery weaknesses can be identified through a detailed inspection using the correct equipment by a professional RV service center. Whether you usually spend your camping time plugged into an electrical source or are more the type to get out into the wilderness and do dry camping without benefit of electrical, you will want to be sure you have your batteries in their best possible condition before you head out.


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