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Preparations help Avoid the Bumps In the Road on Your RV Adventures

Spring is almost here, and summer is just around the corner. It's time to get your RV prepared for your next adventure. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a long road trip, getting your rig in tip-top shape early will help ensure that you can travel with confidence wherever your journeys lead.

Don't let your RV adventure turn into a nightmare! Here are some tips for time well spent now for so much fun later:

Start with a Thorough Cleaning

Before you start any maintenance work on your RV, it's important to give it a thorough cleaning inside and out. This will help you identify any potential problems early on and make the necessary repairs before they become bigger issues. Make sure to clean the exterior of the RV, including the roof, windows, and tires. Don't forget to clean the interior as well, including the floors, walls, cabinets, appliances, and upholstery. And keep your eyes on the prize... looking for any damage or potential problems that weren't there before!

Check Your Tires

Your tires are one of the most critical components of safe RV Trave;s. Before hitting the road, check your tire pressure and inspect them for cracks or other signs of wear and tear. If you notice any damage or wear that could affect their performance or safety on the road, consider replacing them before you go.

Inspect Your Roof

Your RV's roof is another critical component that requires regular maintenance. Inspect it thoroughly for leaks or damage caused by winter weather and rain. If you find any issues with your roof or suspect that there may be leaks present, have it repaired by a professional before hitting the road. At Rick's RV Center we know how roof damage repair can cost a lot of money, so we offer a Free RV Roof Inspection!

Get Your Motorized RV Serviced

Before traveling in your motorized RV make sure to check all fluid levels are full and fluid is clean... Just like you would do for your car before a roadtrip! It is crucial to ensure that all fluids are at their optimal levels to avoid any breakdowns or mechanical problems. If you didn't get your RV serviced before storing it away for the winter season, now is the perfect time to do so. A professional mechanic can inspect your vehicle's major components like brakes, suspension, electrical systems and other vital parts. They will check for wear and tear and ensure they are in good working condition before you head out on your adventure.

Check your outdoor furniture, BBQ's etc. The joy of an RV adventure will be dampened if your beach chair is broken or BBQ won't work!

Getting your RV ready for exciting adventures requires some preparation work, but it's worth it in the end. By following the tips mentioned above, you can help make sure that your RV is in tip-top shape before hitting the road.

With a little bit of effort and proactive maintenance work, you can travel with confidence wherever your journey leads you this season! Roll On!

If your RV needs a little TLC before you head out this year, our trained RV Technicians are ready to get it ready for your plans!

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