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Tips We Wish We Had Known When Starting Out in a RV

If you are one of the many people who has decided to take a summer road trip this year in an RV and are not familiar with all the ins and outs we have put together a modest list of things to be aware of before you hit the road.

Tips For Being on The Road:

  • Bring a Toolkit Be ready to fix the unexpected. Pack Allen or hex wrenches, duct tape, scissors, rubber bands, zip ties. TIP Bring plenty of towels you can use as noise buffers by wrapping them around doors and drawers and windows.

  • Pack Extra Kitchen Cookware/Utensils (especially if you are renting an RV) Better to be safe than sorry and have the right kitchen tool for the job. Take inventory of your meal prep for the trip and pack accordingly.

  • Get to Your Campsite Before Dark It’s challenging to see spot numbers in the dark and even harder to determine whether you’ve parked safely and level. It is important to be able to see your surroundings when you are in a new place for the first time.

  • Pack the Correct Bathroom Essentials A couple of the most important include dissolvable toilet paper and scented toilet capsules that are important for preventing buildup and odors.

  • Use Leveling Blocks Before you embark on your trip be sure you have leveling blocks. Use a level to determine if your RV is even and flat, if not, determine which wheel(s) need a lift and use the blocks to get level. Leveling your RV is especially important for the longevity of your refrigerator.

  • Watch Out For Your Wastewater If there’s a toilet in your rv, you’re going to need to dump the waste at some point. Learn how to do this before you take off on your trip. Watch videos & read the maual about dumping the holding tanks.


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