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Satellite TV Systems for RV Travel

When it comes to RV travel everyone enjoys a different type of experience! And this is also true when it comes to TV viewing while RV traveling!

Some people are fine with occasional TV viewing when they are in an RV park that offers cable connections. Others want access to100 satellite channels and premium HD movies and sporting events every day.

The good news is that technology has advanced so you can choose a system that meets your needs. Here is an overview of your options.

There are three ways to watch TV in your RV: Cable; Over the Air; Satellite.

  • CABLE hookups in RV Parks: RV park signals vary greatly from very poor to very clear signals, so your TV viewing experience is directly affected by the quality of the parks system.

  • OVER THE AIR: This requires an HDTV antenna and close proximity to local broadcast signal and usually provides you access to their main channels. Quality of reception in Over the Air access also varies greatly depending on your antenna and the broadcasters signal.

  • SATELLITE SYSTEMS: The improved technology of higher quality Satellite Systems have greatly improved your options for TV viewing while traveling in your RV! You have several choices that will affect your experience:

  • DirecTV or DishIn Motion System or Stationary SystemAutomatic or manual dish pointing HD or Standard DefinitionRooftop mount or tripod

The Tech Team at Rick’s RV Center are extremely knowledgeable about Satellite TV Systems for RV Travel and love to help their customers make the right decisions to create a Satellite TV System that best suits their plans for RV Travel. Give them a call at 855-388-8616 and get started on the plans for your new Satellite TV for RV travel.


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